Drinking Days

I’ve looked HIGH and I’ve looked low (ouch, my eyes!) and have found (and will continue to update) this list of Drinking Days!

National Bloody Mary Day: Jan 1st

National Hot Toddy Day: Jan 11th 

National Hot Buttered Rum Day Jan 17th 

National Irish Coffee Day: Jan 25th

National Drink Wine Day:  Feb 18th 

National margarita day: Feb 22

World Bartender Day: Feb 24th 

National Kahlua Day: Feb 27
National Body Shot Day: Feb 27th 

Irish Whiskey Day: March 3rd
    ~ National Mulled Wine Day, too!

National Absinthe Day: Mar 5th 

INTER National Whiskey (Whisky) Day: Mar 27th 

National Beer Day – April 7

Malbec World Day: April 17th 

National Amaretto Day: April 19th 

Cinqo de Mayo: May 5th 

National Cosmopolitan Day: May 7th
    ~(also National Home Brew Day)

National Moscato Day: May 9th

WORLD Cocktail Day: May 13th 
(The Oxford Dictionary first defined the word “cocktail” on May 13th, 1806)

AMERICAN Craft Beer Week: May 14th 

Mimosa Day: May 16th 

WORLD Whisky Day: May 18th 

National Wine Day: May 25th 

National Mint Julep Day: May 30th 

National Cognac Day: June 4th 

National Moonshine Day: June 5th 

WORLD Gin Day: June 8th 

National Iced Tea Day: June 10th 
    ~ (Long Island Iced Teas count, right?) 

National Bourbon Day: June 14th 

National Martini Day: June 19th 

National Mai Tai Day: June 30th 

National Piña Colada Day: July 10th 

National Mojito Day: July 11th 

National Grand Marnier Day: July 14th 

National Daiquiri Day: July 19th 

National Tequila Day: July 24th 

National Wine and Cheese Day: July 25th 

National Scotch Day: July 27th 

INTERNational Beer Day: Aug 3rd 

National Rum Day: August 16th 

National Pinot Noir Day: Aug 18th 

National Whiskey Sour Day: Aug. 25th 

National Red Wine Day: Aug. 28th 
(a few sites say it’s October 15th – hey, I’m all for 2 Red Wine Days!)

National Crème de Menthe Day: Sept. 15th 
    ~ (Outlander anyone?) 

Grenache Day: Sept 21

National Drink Beer Day: Sept 28th 

National Coffee Day: Sept 29th 
Not too early today! LOL 
    ~ What booze do you like mixed into your java? 

National Mulled Cider Day: Sept 30th 
    ~ (happy fall!)
National Applejack Month!!: Oct 1st 

National Vodka Day: October 4th 

National Liqueur Day: Oct 16th 

INTER National Gin & Tonic Day: Oct 19th 

National Harvey Wallbanger Day: Nov 8th 
    ~ ALSO National Shot Day 

National Happy Hour Day: Nov 12th 

Beaujolais Nouveau Day: Nov. 19th 

National Lager Day: Dec 10th 

National Screwdriver Day: Dec 14th  

National Sangria Day: Dec 20th 

National Egg Nog Day: Dec 24th 

National Champagne Day: Dec 31st ​