What About That One Guy?

Extra content for Penelope’s Paths

I’ve been asked…
“Did Penelope ever meet the guy at the bar where the story started?” 
“There was the guy at the club, right before Penelope “bumped into” Mitch. She said he looked familiar. What was his story?”
“What if Penelope went hiking with the guy from the grocery store?” 

Well – It all was actually a part of the original draft, but I didn’t include it in the final version for a few reasons. 
For starters, I don’t really write dark stories. It’s just not an accurate representation of an Isabelle Peterson book. 
(I don’t really read them either. And I’m not sure how this path came out of my fingers one weird afternoon, but it did. When I was done, I sent it to my husband. He read it and wrote back. “That was disturbing. Go do something happy, like shopping or something.” So I did. I didn’t have be told twice! LOL)

Also, I didn’t want to publish a book that should include any trigger warnings. 
So – here’s your trigger warning. 
This path contains violence, unlawful restraint, and non-consensual sex/rape. 
If that’s not your ‘jam’ – please do not read any further.
If you would like to continue and see what happens, we can hug it out later. 
But only hugs, please. 
Remember, I’m not a dark, aggressive person.

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